Our Founder and CEO, Col. (Ret.) Erich Randall, Ph.D., spent a majority of his 30-year military career serving as an Army Strategic Plans and Policy Officer in many joint assignments. Colonel Randall spent many years in the Pentagon and other top-level commands as a Senior Strategist and Military Planner. He worked for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and served as the Director of Strategy for the Chief of the National Guard Bureau. During his decades in uniform, Erich had the opportunity to engage in hundreds of planning and strategy efforts. Culminating his career, Dr. Randall was assigned as the Commanding Officer of one of the largest Army installations in the country for the farewell tour.

Erich holds a Ph.D. in Organization and Management with research specialties in leadership, strategic thinking, and communication. Since 2002, Erich has served as a professor in these subjects at several prestigious universities at both the masters and doctoral level. He also serves or has served as the committee chair for over 50 doctoral candidates and hundreds of master’s candidates. As a scholar-practitioner, Dr. Randall fuses the best of both an academic approach with real-world experience and expertise.

Dr. Randall is also the author of several papers and an acclaimed book on strategy, planning, and strategic leadership called Tame the Chaos: Solving Complex Problems to Achieve Strategic Objectives. In the book, Erich points out the importance of including everything the organization does to its core values (the organization’s foundational, and fundamental principles) and its core purpose (the organization’s central reason for being). In addition, Dr. Randall advocates the inclusion of distinctive characteristics, the unique attributes of an organization that set it apart from similar institutions, when considering a values-based strategy and planning process. A key tenant of Erich’s consulting practice is that ethical decision-making is critical to organizational leadership. This concept is crucial and incorporated into his approach for assisting his clients.