Mr. Bedgood has over 30 years of experience as a private sector Business Development Consultant providing clients with proven marketing methods for acquiring customers in both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer arenas. David has customized sales and marketing strategies designed to assist companies in developing highly effective marketing plans to measure and generate large numbers of qualified, actionable leads. Mr. Bedgood actively advises clients on techniques to creatively combine analytical thinking with social metrics to sell products and gain exposure. Through target marketing, retargeting marketing, David’s brand of growth hacking, certifiable referral programs, earned media, and many other relevant marketing strategies, he helps organizations build exponential revenue growth. Mr. Bedgood has guided his clients through the development of new business by introducing them to a broad spectrum of advanced marketing tools that have been carefully analyzed and chosen by him based on the highest potential impact on scalable growth for the client. His knowledge in the authentic recognition of customers’ brand loyalty and reinforcing brand loyalty has resulted in measured revenue growth to the benefit of all his clients, past and present.

David has “all but perfected” the art of acquiring and keeping client customers loyal and satisfied. This is his passion. He has developed values-based, client relationship management techniques that are founded in giving customers the attention they deserve. While market share is vitally important to his client base, David proves how important what he calls “Heart and Mind Share” is to their long-term customer relationships. David believes that if you can win hearts and minds, an important sector of market share takes care of itself. By creating unique and powerful communication methods that use relevant messaging techniques, using his creative solution-based thinking approach to customer service, practicing his system for making professionals the most important resource to their customers, and always being open and honest in all things, David brings a level of trust into every client relationship. His customers know when he says he will do something, there is no question it will be done.

During his long and successful tenure in sales and sales training, he both practices and teaches his clients to remain calm in the face of challenges and stay committed to every detail of the sales process. From the initial research of markets and clients to the final buying decision, David practices preparedness and then closes deals – all while making sure the customer gets what they want first. Doing what is right for the customer in solving problems creatively, fixing things that go wrong after the sale, and walking a steady line between representing the best interests of both the company and the client are a large part of the social contract Mr. Bedgood lives by and endorses when consulting in this environment. Both David, and in many cases, his clients have achieved the highest levels of sales revenue and margin performance by creatively adapting to these sales truths and techniques. The proof is in the notable recognition that with almost every organization he has helped, he has left sales records with them.