At On-Point, we believe that a mindset of Excellence is extremely important as it forms a foundation, supporting every aspect of our Tame the Chaos methodology. We will help you instill a desire within your team to accomplish the mission… to boldly, proudly, and shamelessly strive for excellence.

Notice the goal is excellence rather than perfection. This is because perfection is unattainable. Striving to achieve that which is not feasible can cause tremendous tension within your organization and damage morale. For a team to flourish, they must be willing to spread their wings and fly. When leaders establish a positive, inspiring climate, everyone can enthusiastically Seek Unabashed Excellence and the entire organization will thrive.

Following these principles will guide your journey to Unabashed Excellence:

  • Leading to Excellence is a principle that embraces a strong, supportive leadership team; one that models their commitment through a bold pursuit of this goal.
  • By Leveraging the Grand Strategy you developed, its five elements combine to become the heart and soul of your organization. When the team fully commits to your Grand Strategy, excellence will surely follow.
  • After Action Reviews are team meetings designed to “hotwash” an event. They identify those things that went right or wrong and offer suggestions for improvement. AARs need to be place where all ideas are
    welcomed. It is important that there are no repercussions for critical opinions as there is often great value in these perspectives.
  • Think and Feel in order to leverage both analytics and those important “gut feelings” all leaders have. When knowledge combines with experience and judgment, amazing and innovative decisions can readily be made.
  • Start Small and build upon your successes. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your path to Excellence won’t be either. Take advantage of the quick wins… they are extremely motivating!
  • Avoiding a Zero-Defect Mentality allows team members to make mistakes, take responsibility, learn, and grow so they can develop important insights to draw from in the future.
  • Create a Common Operating Picture so that everyone understands their role is in the organization’s success. When the team can see how their efforts contribute to the overall strategic objectives, their ensuing motivation becomes a force multiplier which pays exponential dividends.