At On-Point, we consider leadership to be the “secret sauce” of plan execution. Leaders establish the climate and, over time, can even change the culture of their organization. Great execution of a Detailed Plan must be grounded in a team culture willing to achieve victory with determination and purpose.

We help our clients combine several proven techniques to execute their Detailed Plans while adopting a mindset we call Relentless Positive Action (RPA). RPA works because it encourages leaders to celebrate team success and avoid placing blame on individuals. It helps create a positive and dynamic environment where everyone on the team is excited and motivated to accomplish their mission. Leaders and followers alike are then “all in” to see the organization succeed beyond what they had previously thought possible.

Adopting the RPA mindset is a cultural change that will take some time. To aid in the acceptance of this new perspective, we recommend you try our proven techniques. While you may already have one or more in place, we can easily check to see if our special twist on them would be beneficial. If you are not currently employing these RPA methods, we will gladly help you add them to your arsenal. Together, our RPA techniques produce a synergistic effect; one which enables your team to get truly excited about helping to execute the Detailed Plan and gives them the emotional connection that comes with being part of something special.


We often begin with Delegation, working with leaders at all levels to help assign specific tasks and actions to their team members. We recommend a “trust but verify” philosophy, allowing leaders to delegate authority while retaining their overall responsibility.

Tracking the Plan

Tracking the Plan daily is crucial to its success. Today’s leaders need to know the plan’s progress, detect any choke points, observe trends, and stay on top of countless important details. We offer you a range of tracking options, from the extremely high-tech to the more basic, allowing you and your staff access to the information you need when you need it.


Metrics are developed to assess the effectiveness and performance of a Detailed Plan. These important tools monitor and evaluate outcomes in order to determine the way ahead. We use a variety of metrics, including our exclusive “narrative metrics” to help you obtain the most reliable and valid data possible.

Battle Rhythm

To synchronize the effort, we work with you to develop a Battle Rhythm that is a perfect fit for your needs. We can facilitate any of these meetings for you as well. A Battle Rhythm is a process founded in the military to help leaders make timely, informed decisions while keeping Detailed Plans on track. Battle Rhythm is conducted through a series of pre-scheduled meetings requiring the staff to present relevant data and analysis to their leader. Armed with this detailed information, the best decisions can be made while preserving precious time and money.

We recommend a series of meetings specifically tailored to your needs which may include:

  • Weekly Synch Meetings
  • Monthly Leader Update Briefings
  • Quarterly Planning Meetings
  • Periodic Planning Conferences
  • Annual Strategy Conferences

At On-Point, we are with you every step of the way.