So many good intentions. So much effort. All of those resources in time and money! Each expended on a plan that is not meeting your expectations or worse, is one that simply sits on the shelf. This issue is one that plagues so many organizations – both large and small. We have found that one reason plans fail is that while planners often write excellent plans, they address the wrong problem. They focus on a problem’s symptoms or have not fully considered the complexity of their environment. Another possibility is leaders not being armed with the best techniques to hold their team responsible for the successful execution of the plan.

Whatever the reason, we will ensure your plans are truly helping your organization to excel rather than collecting dust on the shelf. We work to help you and your team avoid much of the confusion that often circumvents effective planning. Typical strategic planning language seems ambiguous and redundant. The words have different meanings depending on who is interpreting them. This confusion can lead to poorly executed plans since not everyone understands the distinctions in the terminology. We believe that the U.S. Army is an authoritative source for planning doctrine and, to that end, we use their simple, effective terms.

Plans typically fall into one of three basic categories:

  • Campaign
  • Operational
  • Contingency

Each has its own applicability and we work with you to determine which is appropriate for your needs. Next, we help to develop SMART Goals, Actions, and Tasks for each Strategic Objective. To provide accountability, these will then be assigned to a person on your team.

If you engaged in the Grand Strategy and Strategic Design phases of our Tame the Chaos model, these will be reflected in your Detailed Planning. Additionally, we will incorporate any specific guidance from the government, your board, or any other pertinent authority. Metrics can be developed to track the plan’s success. Once all of this information is assimilated, we will verify your plans are developed to the level of detail required for success while still allowing for flexibility when necessary.

When choosing On-Point, your organization will have a Detailed Plan in place; one capable of enhancing day-to-day operations, replacing those which merely sit on the shelf.