Strategic Design has its roots in the cutting-edge techniques used by the U.S. military to solve complex, vexing problems. Col. Erich Randall, PhD, an expert on these advanced methodologies, has adapted them to specifically address the Chaos in any organization using a fraction of the resources required by military planners.

Strategic Design fuses the first two phases of the Tame the Chaos model with two in-depth systems thinking exercises, creating what we call the Strategic Design Solution. These exercises leverage the intrinsic knowledge within your team in order to fully grasp the complexity that affects your success every day.

The first exercise is a Deep Environmental Dive into the history, culture, relationships, competition, stakeholders, and other important aspects of your organization. This effort will likely go well beyond anything you’ve experienced before. The depth and breadth of information gleaned is then honed into a succinct, powerful narrative.

Next, we Frame the Real Problem through a series of specifically developed techniques. We work with your team to ensure the actual underlying problem is addressed, not merely its symptoms. To uncover this we undergo several levels of validation leaving the root cause exposed, vulnerable, and ready to be eliminated. We iterate between the environment and the problem multiple times to break down and verify the vast amount of information until simple solutions begin to emerge. This is aligned to the concept that “simplicity lies on the other side of complexity” and results in a Strategic Design Solution. This Solution includes an extensive, in-depth awareness of the organization, several specific strategic objectives, as well as targeted areas to focus your efforts. Your Strategic Design Solution is then developed into a graphic format. This visual tool is particularly useful in helping all team members understand the holistic nature of your organization and serves as the foundation for detailed planning to follow.

Strategic Design will set you apart from your competition. It produces results to specifically address the complexity your organization is struggling with in a way traditional strategic planning cannot.

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