At On-Point, we believe Grand Strategy should not be reserved solely for nations and governments because the concept is capable of so much more. It can, and should, be used for the benefit of any organization.

The Grand Strategy consists of five components:

  • Elemental Values – The most basic,unwavering principles which guide your organization.
  • Raison d’être – The fundamental reason for your organization’s being or existence.
  • Extraordinary Characteristic – The aspects of your organization that make you exceptional and unique, setting you apart from your competitors.
  • DARE! – Like a supercharged vision statement, a DARE! describes your Dynamic, Awe-inspiring, Risk-taking End-state.
  • Rich Narrative – A vibrant, detailed, written description of your entire Grand Strategy

Together, these work in harmony to offer a strong, unshakable foundation on which to build your Strategic Design and Detailed Plans. Grand Strategy is meant to encompass the overall direction an organization is heading, staying true to its fundamental values and those things that make the organization exceptional. These ideals combine to help leaders move forward, solve problems, and make decisions based on a common framework that is the essence of your organization. It is who you are.

When everything you and your team does is synchronized with your Grand Strategy, it becomes clear what aligns to your unique identity and what does not.

The Grand Strategy is the second phase of our Tame the Chaos model, incorporating the results of the Systems-Based Analysis assessments you conducted in phase one. Leveraging this important information, the five elements of your Grand Strategy can more effectively be created. It will provide the necessary direction to move forward and offers a means to readily communicate that route to your team. With this in hand, you can move through the Strategic Design process and fill in the details necessary to prepare for subsequent Detailed Planning.

Finally, it is important to understand that a Grand Strategy is not meant to depict your final destination. Rather, it describes the next waypoint in your journey. A typical duration is about 3-5 years and it should be reviewed annually to account for the unexpected.

At On-Point, we are ready to assist you in developing your Grand Strategy as either a separate service or as part of our Comprehensive Strategy and Design package. Contact us today!