Effective strategy is grounded in knowledge but sometimes that knowledge hides from even the best leaders. This information is not readily evident because it is camouflaged within day-to-day operations. Fortunately, it can be revealed when conducting one or more of On-Point’s Systems-Based Analyses.

Using proprietary research and evaluation tools, we help you gain comprehensive insights into the behavior of your organization. Each of our analysis techniques are grounded in systems theory; drawn from cutting edge social science. Our team of scholar-practitioners ensure that every assessment is both steeped in academic rigor and highly appropriate to real-world operations.

The results target the next steps for your organization. Armed with this information, we can assist you in developing a Grand Strategy, a Strategic Design, or even jump right into Detailed Planning. While there are many possible assessments, we focus primarily on the following:

  • The Qualitative Strategy Assessment Tool is designed to gauge how well your team understands and implements the elements of your strategy. It is also used to determine how deeply your current strategy is disseminated.
  • The NOISEY Analysis has been likened to a “SWOT on steroids.” We use this powerful tool to determine the internal and external influencers of Needs, Opportunities, Improvements, Strengths, Essentials, and Yetis.
  • The Strategic Leadership Analysis is a tool that evaluates leadership characteristics within your team. It analyzes a broad spectrum of leader and follower behaviors to obtain insights on how these affect the achievement of your strategic objectives.
  • The Dynamic Communication Network Analysis is a means of mapping the formal and informal flow of ideas between members of your team. This analysis determines the communication and social networks present in your organization to better understand who key players are and what their role is in facilitating or impeding your team’s progress.
  • The Strategic Thinking Inventory is designed to test the competencies and behaviors associated with great strategic thinkers. It will help identify those team members who, with the right training, can be the strongest leaders to propel your organization toward a successful future.