The Interconnectedness and Beauty in Nature

As I sit here enjoying the late afternoon Floridian sunshine on Siesta Key Beach, I am reminded to be thankful for the tremendous beauty we have in our world.  It is a never ending blessing, regardless of our personal religious beliefs, to be able to soak in the glory that is this planet – heck, even the universe (or multiverse for you sci-fi fans).

The beauty is so interconnected across the many disparate aspects. Each, as individual entities, would be amazing in its own right, but together, they are breathtaking in both their simplicity and their complexity.  I see the white sands of the beach leading to the gently waving Gulf of Mexico.  The horizon has a myriad of colors moving to a light and then darker blue sky.  The clouds are incredible as well.  Picturesque, fluffy, and yet somehow foreboding – they move slowly, changing the tapestry of this scene ever so slightly, yet ceaselessly.

What I have attempted to describe, and have included a photograph of to make my words worth the 1000 promised by the old saying, is akin to what happens in so many organizations today.  There is incredible, indeed stunning beauty within your company, your city, your church, your agency.  The problem is, unlike the beauty of the ocean and the warm sand, you may have a bit more difficult time seeing it.

It is there, however.  The way everything works together so much of the time.  The skill with which your followers perform their tasks each day.  There is beauty in the relationships that exist between various people, groups, and even other organizations whom yours engages with regularly.  There is beauty in seeing your elemental values and core purpose carried out by the team.  There is beauty in the unsynchronized rhythm of keyboards clacking, machines machining, children laughing, customers calling – or whatever occurs where you are.  Yes, the beauty is all around you.  It is waiting to be noticed and maybe even appreciated.

So, take a minute or two this week and just look for the beauty that is the system where you are.  Everything is interconnected, and together it makes for an amazing thing to behold.  Offer a simple “thank you” to those people who make it possible or greet your team with a bit of unusual excitement one morning.  Then, watch and see what happens.  These things – these little (and cost-free!) actions can trigger some truly surprising, and yes beautiful, reactions. The power, beauty, and glory of the beach are at your very fingertips… Give it a try and share what happens!

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