So, How’s that Plan Working Out For Ya?

This is the first question that I like to ask potential clients.  How’s that plan working out?  Much more often than not, I get a response of: “It’s doing pretty well” or “Not bad, I suppose” or the all-too-typical “It just sits on the shelf.”

This is very frustrating for organizations. They’ve expended great deal of time, money, and leadership capital and when a strategic plan is not being actively implemented, well, it’s something of a waste.

This is the very reason why I offer my Strategic Design program. When an organization undertakes a Strategic Design effort, they find that the plan not only gets used on a daily basis, but they are able to achieve their organizational goals, re-design, and move forward toward new strategic objectives!

How is this planning panacea possible, you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple in that, paradoxically, the reason your plan is likely not working is because the complexities of your business system are not being accounted for.  You try to keep on task, but you find that things go wrong in another, seemingly unrelated area. You realize quickly that all of that work to develop a detailed plan has become overcome by the events of the day-to-day operation.

This is where Strategic Design will help. Through this detailed process, you will be able to grasp the chaotic environment that you operate in.  Everything will be considered in detail, pulling specific knowledge from your key team members.  Then, the real problem will be identified using systems thinking.  You should then engage in the extremely valuable opportunity to model your system through numerous iterations. As you go through this important process, you will see solutions to the problems that you’ve developed arise almost intuitively.  This is where the magic happens.

Through Strategic Design, you can come to terms with the most complex environments and vexing problems – tame them find solutions that are actually quite easy to implement. It is from here that your strategic plan is developed through the operational and into the tactical levels.

The key is understanding the system and through Strategic Design, you can!

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